In Our Words — Past, Present and Future.

PVCC holds a special place in my heart and soul! The College picked me when I was transitioning from service. I was taken with the first few folks that I met when I visited PVCC. PVCC set the educational footing that I needed to succeed in not only educational pursuits but also with life in general. Education, service, friendship was found at the College. I held several of those friendships to this day. I am proud to be a PVCC graduate and alum!

We had such a good time that first year. We knew we were special—that we were in the spotlight because this was a new venture. The faculty was great. They were all easily accessible and more than willing to help us. I would not have gone further than high school if not for PVCC.

Being a PVCC student and an active member of the PTK chapter, Alpha Epsilon Tau, has brought about a lot of opportunities for me, such as access to scholarships, being involved in leadership and civic events, as well as allowing me the chance to represent PVCC in the best way possible.

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